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Blower door testing is a way to test the "leakiness" of your home. By depressurizing your home and measuring the rate at which air infiltrates through imperfections in the building envelope, we're able to assess how much energy (and money) is escaping through air leaks, and how much you're likely to save by fixing those leaks.Effective July 1, 2017, all new residential buildings or dwelling units in Florida require mandatory blower door testing (Section R402.4.1.2 of the Florida Building Code).

How we test
We will inspect the house with a smoke stick to pinpoint potentially hidden air leaks (making it much easier to address them when the time comes to get to work). We will then perform blower door testing to test the effectiveness of improvements that have been made to a home, and to provide homeowners and contractors with a roadmap to further improve a home's efficiency moving forward. To conduct a blower door test, an infiltrometer or blower door fan is placed in the main entry doorway to depressurize the house, or suck out air from the interior. This process will cause outside air to be drawn into the house through leakage points. As the fan is running, a technician can move from room to room throughout the house to detect and diagnose air leaks. Our evaluation and subsequent recommendations are provided in an industry-best report.